The SFEDI Group of Companies has a strong history of supporting the micro and small business community since 1996.

Through the work of the SFEDI companies we have brought together a collection of people passionate about enterprise who have all been involved with entrepreneurship and the development of enterprise skills.

The combined experiences of those involved in the operations of the SFEDI companies provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the people development needs of businesses and the requirements of learning and skills initiatives that seek to achieve public policy objectives.

When working with SFEDI Awards you don’t just work with one team you work with the teams across the whole SFEDI Group of Companies, providing access to our combined knowledge, skills and opportunities to further enterprise learning into the future.




Originally the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative, the founding company of the SFEDI Group of Companies is now focused on raising the quality of enterprising skills by identifying and delivering programmes of support which increase start up and survival rates amongst small and micro business communities.




The IOEE is the first learning Institute dedicated to developing and recognising the skills of enterprising people. It respects and recognises everyone who takes the risk to control their own destiny by starting and running their own business. It also supports business and enterprise support professionals in developing their skills and knowledge to a high standard to provide outstanding business and enterprise support.



SFEDI Solutions works with a diverse range of organisations in the public, private and third sectors to provide enterprising solutions for the challenges and opportunities faced in understanding and supporting enterprise learning and skills development. Its core services include standards setting and research, development and delivery of innovative learning and skills solutions and advocacy and networking.

Sfedi Directory Logo
The SFEDI Directory is the complete solution for accessing and verifying the credentials and experience of accredited business and enterprise support professionals. With a proven and trusted brand and a product that covers the whole of the UK, the Directory is aimed at supporting the development and growth of business to provide the bedrock of a truly entrepreneurial culture and economy.
Run by SFEDI and supported by the National Apprenticeship Service, Apprenticemakers is the nationwide peer to peer community for apprentice employers, enabling budding employers to connect with those that have been through the apprenticeships process to gain ideas, advice and inspiration.